About Us

Jay and Stephanie, your hosts of the Nood Brood

What is Nood Brood?

Nood Brood is a travel grouphosted by Jay and Stephanie that heads down to Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica every February for our Winter Warmer. (Next trip is February 10-17, 2019.)

Book with us and take advantage of our group discount! We do NOT charge membership fees, there is no waiting period, initiation fee or period to be accepted into the group.  Nood Brood is made up of nudists, lifestylers, non-lifestylers, beach lovers, pool lovers, etc. (aka-we love everyone)!!  That's why we say our group is "Whatever You Want It To Be!"  We are a welcoming, fun group that enjoys meeting new people and likes to party at what we consider the most fun place on earth--Hedonism II.  

What to Expect

During our week at Hedo II, we will have group activities to include some morning athletic events to enhance your trip and give you opportunities to meet other members.  We love for you to get involved, but also understand this is your vacation so you can  participate as much or as little as you would like.  No pressure, mon!! 


We feel part of the fun is getting to know and befriend others before getting to Hedo.  For this reason, we have Facebook and Twitter pages where you can meet others or keep up on our group happenings.  We also host group chats before the trip.  These chats give you a chance to get to know people who will be there at the same time as you, or get answers to any questions about our group or the resort.

Nood Brood, the beginning

Dawn & Mike were the founders of the Nood Brood and hosted the group from 2010-2017.

They have stepped away from hosting but still attend Hedo on occasion and can be found wherever there is fun to be had!